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And Their Words Would Haunt Me Forever

May 31, 2007

And Their Words Would Haunt Me Forever As a boy growing up in a small townI was not protected from the outside world every night as we ate dinner it managed to scale the walls I had built to hide behind From halfway across the world from ricepaddies in the delta came the gruesome black […]

Because You Need To Know

May 30, 2007

Because You Need To Know I rise each day to sit before this blank screen sometimes I sit and stare for hours sometimes my fingers race my thoughts and always I wonder who’s pulling my strings who raises my arms fills my head with the whims of times long ago or with fanciful images of […]

The Parkway

May 29, 2007

The Parkway In a small town somewhere a bench sits beneath a street lamp waiting to light the way it sits silently lying among the trees as snowflakesland upon its stringers a chilling breeze embraces everythingblows the frosty whitenessacross the parkway rolling white waves erase all tracesnot a scuff marks a path not a living […]

Why Parents Glow

May 28, 2007

Why Parents Glow With time, we forgetand then we watch, budding, young love form and we remember who we once were, the first hug, the first time, our lips touched, life moves so very quickly, yesterday I held you, and I wondered, would I be a good father, or would responsibility raise its ugly head, […]

Just Treading Water

May 26, 2007

Just Treading Water What makes us pet puppies coo for babies drawn toward green sprouts pushing up through the dark soil what makes us tiptoe searching for baby chicks grabs us as a family of feathery ducks parade with their broods of fluff in tow what makes the rain sweeter . . . marigolds lilacs […]

My Last Moments at the Lake

May 24, 2007

My Last Moments at the Lake Standing, gazing, trying to take in the lakes beauty, one last time. The autumn wind blows, cold and crisp,chilling me enough to put on gloves. A loon dives deep in the bay where the dock used to sit, natures way of saying, Goodbye. I stood alone, a special moment, […]

Star Lake

May 23, 2007

Star Lake Walking upward, toward the sky,ever so slowly, I ascended the hill,below, lie the most beautiful visionI have ever gazed upon, a lake. It’s blue water glistening, sun raystransforming a hue of the bluest of blues,blending into the azure of the sky,broken only by the lime green of thetree line, north woods pines. A […]

Thoughts of a First Love

May 22, 2007

Thoughts of a First Love The snow fell I shoveled the drive alone again – as always to shoot in the cold night air dampness chilled my soul thoughts of greatness filled my mind 3-2-1 the roundness left my hand – snapped the frozen net plopped into a pile ice cream sludge her smile drew […]

My Love

May 21, 2007

My Love The first time I saw her my love had a glimmer gleaming just as a breeze blew her silken strands of crimson locks into those emerald eyes she wetted her sweet ruby lips and ever so gently she placed them behind her sweet ear and I was her slave . . . entranced […]

Sleepless Nights

May 20, 2007

Sleepless Nights Sizzling sultry days drip drop rain pound against a porcelain pan basement stench saturates the evening air black night red light flares burst neon across the street bitter tart tablets slither upon my tongue lingering throbs echo no escape tonight. Dan HanoshDreams are yours to Share My Books: The World Outside My Window, […]