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Portrait of a Free Man

Portrait of a Free Man

A cross hangs golden over his heart bifocals

slither upon his face long frizzled strands brush

his windblown speckled locks and his graying

facial hair flutters in the wind

a cotton T-shirt snuggles tightly over his gentle

jelly belly ragged torn jeans kiss the sacred

soil beneath his feet and his sandals pitter

patting the blackness

this man walks free from the bindings free from

our alien trappings fearless teary eyed straight

and tall his shoulders poised proudly skyward he

walks a long path with a glimmer

in his eyes and a hope that one day honor truth

and respect will return . . . and he walks with

love . . . of others of friends and foes alike

and of course of himself

we don’t understand and so we turn away in

distaste but in truth . . . all that he has is

what we seek and that my friend is all that’s

truly important anyway.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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One Response to “Portrait of a Free Man”

  1. I like this piece, Dan. I think that’ a point well made.

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