Dan Hanosh’s The Moon Also Rises
dreams to come and thoughts of tomorrow


I am a minstrel
haunted by misdeeds
words bring my baggage
to light I bare those
thoughts . . . alone

I wasn’t prepared . . .
The Price Was High
happiness material
matters taint the walls
will do the same

I live a mystical life
far from hidden half-truths
regrets are not mine alone
I tried to live without
them . . . no one can

I am a writer . . . a poet
. . . an observer . . .
many see me as being weak
filled of emotion
they are wrong

I can be cruel as the next
but that baggage a burden
that will follow all the
days of our lives and to the
death . . . those

I have chosen to walk without
regrets unfulfilled dreams
choices mine theirs deeds
left to chance other’s
decisions that hurt me . . . as

I look back I know time has
brought me to these four
walls alone my regrets
I keep to myself
. . . forever.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

My Books: The World Outside My Window, AuthorHouse, 2004
Soon to come, Sleepless Nights

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Copyright © 2007 by Dan Hanosh. All rights reserved.

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