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My Last Moments at the Lake

My Last Moments at the Lake

Standing, gazing,
trying to take in
the lakes beauty,
one last time.

The autumn wind blows,
cold and crisp,
chilling me enough
to put on gloves.

A loon dives
deep in the bay
where the dock used to sit,
natures way of saying, Goodbye.

I stood alone, a special moment,
just me and the lake,
not a sound could be heard,

Red, brown, orange foliage,
the vistas of fall, fill
my senses, as I stare
across the bay, wondering.

Soon the bay
would be covered
with ice and
I would not see it.

Where has the time gone,
would I ever be so happy
as I was at the lake,
life can be so very cruel.

With Spring, the ice would thaw,
the wild life
would return and
I would not see it.

The others say Goodbye
in their own special way,
some get angry, some take a
walk or even a boat ride.

I enter the van,
pulling away from the lake,
a tear runs down my cheek, for
the lake is gone, forever.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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One Response to “My Last Moments at the Lake”

  1. This is beautiful, it made me cry.

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