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Come to me in silence

June 29, 2007

Come to me in silence Come to me in silence in the darkest of night when I can discern your quickening beats above all things in silent thoughts beneath your breath and between my sheets come to me in silencewith yellow curls tightly wrapped threads so delicate dancing gently upon your buxom being let them […]

And Their Words Would Haunt Me Forever

June 28, 2007

And their words would haunt me forever As a boy growing up in a small townI was not protected from the outside world every night as we ate dinner it managed to scale the walls I had built to hide behind From halfway across the world from ricepaddies in the delta came the gruesome black […]

Always Searching For Tomorrow’s Light

June 25, 2007

Always Searching For Tomorrow’s Light I’m afraid my world is changing sinking beneath the waters waves I’m afraid where we’re headed I know where we’ve been we’ve done it all before repeating our failings again and again . . . I ask you why the wrinkled lady of the dark ages wasn’t friendly she kept […]

My Ghost, The Writer

June 22, 2007

My Ghost, the Writer I move my pen acrossthe parchment, sometimes with such precise strokes,proceeding without my guiding I wonder if it’s really me, my conscious mind appearsblank yet the other, does not speak until I sleep or so I thought, I pick up a pen I feel someone else is in control, I write […]

Loved From Afar

June 21, 2007

Loved From Afar The time was not right,is it ever, you hadyour life, I had mine,infatuation, maybe, maybe love. Remembering, we had something,something very special, thoughwe dare not act on it, for wefeared reprisal. The first time I saw you,I did not know of myinfatuation, that wouldcome much later. Our friendship grew, the imageof you […]

A Pencil Poised

June 19, 2007

A Pencil Poised A pencil poised waiting for a thought that might not come, still my hand is ready to capture a brief whim of an idea, anything, to start the pen moving again, one word, one line written, forming a page, a poem, a story. Dan Hanosh Dreams are yours to Share My Books: […]

Together Again

June 17, 2007

Together, Again Today, I sit, trying to come up with something unique, my own, family tradition, one that circumvents time and space, to bring us together when we are apart. All, I can think of, is in the “Stars”. Today, I sit, under God’s bright lights, frozen, knowing, that my family and friends, somewhere, anytime, […]

My Promise

June 14, 2007

My Promise Many years have past since I’d been a gung-ho youth of fourteenVietnam had been a child-like fantasy of glory and honor cradling me proudly almost daily I sat transfixed to nightly news reports and the body counts of the fallen soldiers never did I think of war as hell now I can’t forget […]

My Naked Truth

June 12, 2007

My Naked Truth Bounding freely into the woods breeze scolding wildly against my bare chest scratching briars cut deep against my thigh against my ham shanks and still I flee splitting the thick cover with my bareness and still I run and still I hide why . . . am I afraid if I was […]

Blogger Hell

June 10, 2007

Blogger Hell My time is not mine anymore cause I’m a self made man in blogger hell I used to write words until my iron cage slammed close now I sit and wonder where all my links have gone whose the Dumb A– who’s stolen them from me . . . who’s robbed me of […]