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And Their Words Would Haunt Me Forever

As a boy growing up in a small town
I was not protected from the outside world
every night as we ate dinner it managed to
scale the walls I had built to hide behind

From halfway across the world from rice
paddies in the delta came the gruesome
black and white images of death and dying
boys not much older than myself

I shared their fear I felt their pain as
they ducked and bobbed in the tall grasses
my neighbor’s neighbor a father’s son and
the forever silence of an alien battlefield

I watched heaving bulging sacks tossed onto
waiting whirling birds and those left
behind with longing stares as their weary
eyes followed the shadow-less specks

Into the vast whiteness . . . it was a time
of violence protestors hurling rocks
. . . tear gas canisters exploding
buildings burning armed soldiers

Shooting killing and nightly body
counts . . . a Christmas ceasefire and the
pictures of the many lifeless sacks
lying juxtaposed

On the dry grasses of an LZ in a place
where the guns were supposed to be silent
and they said . . . war is hell and
death is death

I knew then
I wanted nothing to do with it
or them . . . and their words would
haunt me forever.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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