Dan Hanosh’s The Moon Also Rises
dreams to come and thoughts of tomorrow

Come to me in silence

Come to me in silence
in the darkest of night when I
can discern your quickening beats
above all things in silent thoughts
beneath your breath and
between my sheets

come to me in silence
with yellow curls tightly wrapped
threads so delicate dancing gently
upon your buxom being let them
light upon those ivory shoulders let
but a wisp of golden locks dangle
for me to twirl as I see fit

come to me in silence
and shed those silken garments at my door
let them glide your ample assets and crumple
upon the floor and by the moon’s rays
I shall gaze upon your nakedness as you tip
toe silently across my room and lay
beside me once more

come to me in silence
let me hold you till the mornings light
let me feel the warmth between your thighs
and with heavy sighs we’ll be
one once more.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

My Books: The World Outside My Window, AuthorHouse, 2004

Soon to come, Sleepless Nights

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Copyright © 2007 by Dan Hanosh. All rights reserved.

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