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A Taste of Freedom

July 31, 2007

A Taste of Freedom Soaring, through the clouds, I lost track of time. How many get the chance to soar as an Eagle? Commercial travel does nothing to provoke thought, to stimulate the senses, to live a fuller life. The mere idea of gliding over pastures, high above rivers, full of rushing rapids, houses hiding […]

Chris . . .

July 30, 2007

Chris You’re a special person, chosen for some unknown reason. Once an energetic youth, slowly, debilitated, still you keep a positive outlook. I knew you whenyou were a child, I bounced you on my knee. I know you as a young adult, together we write of your dreams. The hardships you have endured, have made […]

My Secret Place . . .

July 28, 2007

My Secret Place Deep within my mind lies a very special place, nobody’s allowed, but me, always alone, saying nothing, yet surreal, calmly, I am transformed, concentrating, I allow my mind to wander, transfixed on nothing, I hear the rhythmic beating of my heart, nothing else seems to matter, once there, my mind is able […]

Loved From Afar . . .

July 27, 2007

Loved From Afar The time was not right,is it ever, you hadyour life, I had mine,infatuation, maybe, maybe love. Remembering, we had something,something very special, thoughwe dare not act on it, for wefeared reprisal. The first time I saw you,I did not know of myinfatuation, that wouldcome much later. Our friendship grew, the imageof you […]

A Chill

July 25, 2007

A Chill fills my sensesbrowns, oranges, yellowsmeld into the sky, aback drop for thisautumn day. Released, a leaf tumbles, slowly falling, slowlyrotating. Caught by a breeze,the rusty fingersslithering from tree to tree, branch to branch. Floating, plummetingtoward the ground,its blanket ofvelvet leaves, maples, walnuts, and birches. Winds catch the oaken fingers sending them skyward, rolling […]

The Perfect Moment . . .

July 24, 2007

The Perfect Moment I was fifteen almost sixteen Icouldn’t drive yet so I mooched aride from a friend I remember coming out of the house in a run I don’t know why we weren’t late it justfelt right each step seemed as though I was moving slowly through life slow motionmy feet my thigh my […]

A Teardrop . . .

July 23, 2007

A Teardrop A teardrop falls from a child’s eye hitting the ground, shattering, scattering, everywhere, becoming a stream, a river, an ocean. A hand waves from a neighbor’s hand inciting a wave smiling, laughing, everywhere, becoming a friend, a family, a nation. Dan Hanosh Dreams are yours to Share My Books: The World Outside My […]

The Winds Of Change . . .

July 20, 2007

The Winds Of Change Today I looked toward the heavens a white starfloated outsidemy window a multifaceted featherfloating high abovethe trees a seed traveling on thewinds of change andone by one each would landtake root growand prosper and in manymany years it would become a mighty tree growing where none had ever been. Dan HanoshDreams […]

Caught in a Breeze . . .

July 18, 2007

Caught in a Breeze . . . Sometimes don’t you feel as though everything in life is out of your control? Today a war burns brightly into our conscious minds and few of us really feel its effect. We depend on a few, we use a few regardless of their wants and needs . . […]

A Portrait of a Man

July 17, 2007

A Portrait of a Man Gazing, at my reflection in the mirror,I see a stranger, he’s staring back at me,his hair is more gray than black,the wrinkles are deeper, permanently,scaring his face, where have the years gone,the glimmer, has been replaced with a fog. All I have, is the memories,fading fast, long ago, images ofa […]