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Fail them not

August 31, 2007

Fail them, not Fail them, not for the American Dream has been mashed, smashed, masked to hide the truth, the end justifies any means. Fail them, not for we do not see, the goals seem to change with the tick, tock, of the clock, our support has always been righteous, for we do not take […]

My Choice

August 29, 2007

My Choice Today, I must make a choice, to help someone dear to me or not. It may put me in a precarious position, but what doesn’t? Aren’t we supposed to help those we can, even if it hurts? Wouldn’t I want help if I needed it? More important is my need to help because […]


August 28, 2007

Chris You’re a special person, chosen for some unknown reason. Once an energetic youth, slowly, debilitated, still you keep a positive outlook. I knew you when you were a child, I bounced you on my knee. I know you as a young adult, together we write of your dreams. The hardships you have endured, have […]

I am still free

August 27, 2007

I am still free A symbol, sits in front of me, a token of freedom, each day, I see it, shinny, ominous, surrounded by trivial nick-knacks, just knowing, it’s there, reassures me. Everyone, plans for retirement, I live for today, enjoying my journey, enjoying the path, growing old seems so harsh, remembering, the jokes, the […]

Dream Traveler

August 24, 2007

Dream Traveler I’m on a journey, beside a stream, every step brings me closer to my dream, although, my destiny has become blurred, as if it blended into that opaque sky, confused, I stop and wonder why, for tomorrow, seems nearer while the burden maybe dearer yet, a fork in my path, brings doubt into […]

The Storm

August 22, 2007

The Storm The air is hot and steamy, something is About to happen, leaves curl upward toward the Sky, birds call endlessly for everyone To listen, a cool breeze blows, the smell of Rain is in the air, trees become as still As death, an ominous foreboding is In the wind, fear of the unknown […]

Outside My Window

August 21, 2007

Outside My Window Sitting at my keyboard, the day before Christmas, sleigh bells echo across the meadow, a horse trots in the distance, snow has begun falling outside my window, the ground has turned white and still it continues. My shopping is finally done, still I have to wrap, the warmth of Christmas has entered […]

Protesting War . . .

August 20, 2007

Protesting War “Man Arrested Protesting War”, was the headline, or something, the story didn’t make the front page, Protesters, marched, against the opening of a museum, a display, vandalized, red paint thrown on the floor. The famed Enola Gay, was on display, the one that dropped the Atom bomb. Then, I saw him, nearly eighty […]

For Those I Leave Behind . . .

August 19, 2007

For Those I Leave Behind Yesterday, the leaves were green, today, yellows, browns and reds, are all that can be seen, falling, from lofty perches, another summer has come and gone, another ring around my trunk, as the year winds down, closer to the end, then to where it all began, those, many years, long […]

The Summer Of My Youth

August 18, 2007

Summer Of My Youth My used shinny silver bike, fenders glimmering, shimmering in the sun, the book rack usually held my basketball, the bike light never worked from day one, I always cared for that bike, it was a symbol of my freedom, freedom from the house and the four walls of my bedroom, I […]