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Time . . .

September 29, 2007

Time Pen in handroller balland ink Smoothlyrollingupon my page No longercrossingout No longerstrugglingwith my thoughts Timehas given meclarity Asenseof peace Alongwithgray hair. Dan HanoshDreams are yours to Share AT Dream TrainingDay        32            Zero Days       7Current Miles/Day (20 M/D)       10.0Total Miles . . . . . .                   160.2Average Miles  […]

Two Lives

September 28, 2007

Two Lives I’ve been lucky to have lived two lives, one for money and the other for me. One life to subsist and the other to contribute a mere thought, maybe create an idea that can take hold, changing another’s life forever. Maybe the world needs us dreamers, maybe we create hope for others, maybe […]

A Chill

September 27, 2007

A Chill fills my senses browns, oranges, yellows meld into the sky, a back drop for this autumn day. Released, a leaf tumbles, slowly falling, slowly rotating. Caught by a breeze, the rusty fingers slithering from tree to tree, branch to branch. Floating, plummeting toward the ground, its blanket of velvet leaves, maples, walnuts, and […]

Star Lake

September 24, 2007

Star Lake Walking upward, toward the sky, ever so slowly, I ascended the hill, below, lies the most beautiful vision I have ever gazed upon, a lake. It’s blue water glistening, sun rays transforming a hue of the bluest of blues, blending into the azure of the sky, broken only by the lime green of […]

Fail Them Not

September 23, 2007

Fail them, not Fail them, not for theAmerican Dream has beenmashed,smashed,maskedto hide the truth,the end justifies any means. Fail them, not for we do not see,the goals seem to change with thetick,tock,of the clock,our support has always been righteous,for we do not take war lightly. Fail them, not for we vow to defend with our […]


September 22, 2007

FOR I AM AN AMERICAN I am an American, without any doubt, my values are solid, my convictions without reproach, I listen for the words of others, weighing the message, it’s meaning, only then, will I make up my mind, I fight for my ideals, I fight to be heard, many have died, to give […]

Emotional Me . . .

September 21, 2007

Emotional Me A tear rolls down my cheek, they fog my eyes, keep me from seeing the good life has to offer, emotional me. I feel pain all around, makes me wonder, if I’m here to help others, to see, what sits before them, emotional me. I write with them in mind at least until […]

Only Suffering

September 19, 2007

Only Suffering War started today, our missiles banged into Baghdad, disappointment has crept into my thoughts, for my country started the war. We watched as if we were innocent, viewing scenes of death and dying, strategies were discussed as in sport, all are guilty, like the nazi’s, for not saying no, for not protesting. Each […]

My Ghost, the Writer

September 18, 2007

My Ghost, the Writer I move my pen across the parchment, sometimes with such precise strokes, proceeding without my guiding I wonder if it’s really me, my conscious mind appears blank yet the other, does not speak until I sleep or so I thought, I pick up a pen I feel someone else is in […]

Foot Steps Echo in the Night

September 17, 2007

Foot Steps Echo in the Night Each day, he walks to earn his money, walks just to keep afloat, each night he walks to feed his family, spending, just a few pennies, shadows lurk behind each light post, foot steps echo in the night, and still, he trudges on. Each day, he stops to purchase […]