Dan Hanosh’s The Moon Also Rises
dreams to come and thoughts of tomorrow

Two Lives

I’ve been lucky to
have lived two lives,
one for money and the
other for me.

One life to subsist and
the other to contribute
a mere thought, maybe create
an idea that can take hold,
changing another’s life forever.

Maybe the world needs us dreamers,
maybe we create hope for others,
maybe my ideals will strengthen the
worlds values, leading toward a more
righteous tomorrow, just maybe.

In one life I took orders, now I
write of injustices and of utopia,
what could be, hinting at what is,
hoping it won’t last, the righteous
conflict and the resolution.

And just maybe, we will be more than
just small players, maybe we will be
active in making a contribution,
making the world a better place.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

My Books: The World Outside My Window, AuthorHouse, 2004

Soon to come, Sleepless Nights

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