Dan Hanosh’s The Moon Also Rises
dreams to come and thoughts of tomorrow

The Price Was High

As if platinum
they look down their
long sloped noses judging
with a blink of an eye never
really knowing those they criticize
merely prey we dance the beat
a drum roll of our own making
long hair flowing blowing

I’ve heard their words
felt their stares sting in an
uneasy moment silent forlorn
nobody speaking loquacious
jesters slicing deeply
wounds festering among
insinuations left

lazy good for nothing lousy
father dreadful husband their eyes
. . . they turn away angry I’ve
imagined them all old friends
forgotten gone never to embrace what
I’ve become and family . . . just
silence yet those closest
know my love my heart

they see me not as a cartoon
image nor just my faults
they accept me as I am
as I do them . . . I’m not
their judge I follow my dreams
mumbling no regrets I’m
a writer of words . . . the
price was high.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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My Books: Just Released . . . Sleepless Nights, AuthorHouse, 2007
                        A continuation of The World . . . through a poets eyes.
                     The World Outside My Window, AuthorHouse, 2004

My Mission . . . Dreams are yours to share is dedicated to DREAMS, learning to dream again, learning to be happy again. Everyday we are bombarded with unhappiness, news of wars, killings, lies and deceit. And no where can we go to balance the load . . . My message is simple, change only happens when we change. Happiness is contagious and it stops wars dead . . . Find you bliss, follow your dreams, live a life with no regrets . . . Dreams are Yours to share.

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Copyright © 2007 by Dan Hanosh. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “The Price Was High”

  1. Your poems are certainly inspiring. Why not consider self-publishing a book? In the meantime, your readers will get a lot of joy out of your work.

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