Dan Hanosh’s The Moon Also Rises
dreams to come and thoughts of tomorrow


Past the town of North Prairie,
through the berg of Eagle, route N
and into the parking lot.

Walking alone, along the smooth blacktop path,
I’m transported to a time, one
of less stress.

The down trodden snow speaks
the message of those who’ve
come before me.

Nature’s beauty abounds,
in a snow covered pine tree, in the
chirping of an occasional bird.

The air is silent, with it’s
tone of peace, the message
for the day.

Each step reminds me of what was, left
by those that came before, many who also
cherished the waters of the spring.

Musical sounds fill the silence,
the strumming as the water exits the shambles
of the springhouse,

the drumming, as it falls onto
the rocks below, vibrations,
music for all.

Memories of what man has created,
stands erect, still marking
the shores of the pond.

Visitors drink it’s waters,
fish from her banks, wade into
the depths.

Tranquility draws them back,
time after time,
touched by the beauty.

Fly fisherman fish
for the trout that live
in it’s safety.

This is a place of building,
to reinforce ones own existence,
a place of healing.

The spring is my spiritual retreat, bound
through the reading of a poem or the simple act
of creating, a thought, worthy of writing.

Many know it as Paradise Springs, but for me
it will always be Minnehaha, my Garden of Eden,
my utopian dream and my salvation.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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My Books: Just Released . . . Sleepless Nights, AuthorHouse, 2007
                        A continuation of The World . . . through a poets eyes.
                     The World Outside My Window, AuthorHouse, 2004

My Mission . . . Dreams are yours to share is dedicated to DREAMS, learning to dream again, learning to be happy again. Everyday we are bombarded with unhappiness, news of wars, killings, lies and deceit. And no where can we go to balance the load . . . My message is simple, change only happens when we change. Happiness is contagious and it stops wars dead . . . Find you bliss, follow your dreams, live a life with no regrets . . . Dreams are Yours to share.

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