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Why do we hate dandelions

Today for the first
time I spied a flower so sweet
so innocent . . . I wondered why
why do we hate dandelions so
Why do we hate anything

so beautiful do we see
their tiny yellow petals as
they really are or has our
hate clouded our thoughts

innocent youth pregnant green
and bursting forth blowing in a
breeze spreading its seed
until the dust
devours all.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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3 Responses to “Why do we hate dandelions”

  1. I love Dandelions!!

    I think their awesome Yellow colour looks Fabulous!

    I’ve never figgered out why they are so despised??

    The energy weeding + bad chemicals sprayed on them is Ridiculous*



    Time to play Yellow by Coldplay*

  2. Hi Dan I wrote a poem about a Dandelion I will post it on my site for you. great poems thanks

  3. I love seeing a big field just taken over by dandelions. My boyfriend is a horticulturalist so he wouldn’t agree.

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