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Our Friend Jim and the Mrs

Sometimes I could just scream
we preach the golden rule
we think everyone knows of such
a thing and yet we just can’t see
their pain . . .

sometimes we can’t see past
our slant sloped noses and then
and then something happens something so
big so wonderful it opens each of our
hearts . . .

a friend we know takes in a
homeless stranger he takes her
into his heart he gives her
shelter in a time of need
she’s sick with no one

and our friend opens his home
his heart . . . his wife drives
her to the pantry and she
confesses ‘I’ve got just six
months’ . . .

and nothing seems as important
church bells are ringing
. . . feel the chill we’ve
gained another two . . . our friend
Jim and the Mrs.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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My Mission . . . Dreams are yours to share is dedicated to DREAMS, learning to dream again, learning to be happy again. Everyday we are bombarded with unhappiness, news of wars, killings, lies and deceit. And no where can we go to balance the load . . . My message is simple, change only happens when we change. Happiness is contagious and it stops wars dead . . . Find you bliss, follow your dreams, live a life with no regrets . . . Dreams are Yours to share.

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One Response to “Our Friend Jim and the Mrs”

  1. I feel the very same way Dan. I see it everyday out here on the road. People are all in such a rush and so very,very mean and nasty to each other.

    We haven’t been to any areas yet that have had many homeless people but if I stay out long enough we surely will. And, we always give food and water. We even try to give toiletries and I remember one lady who we gave a little bottle of perfume to and you would have thought she had just won the lottery.

    Yet, so many just drive by and either pretend not to notice, or, worse yet they complain about them or make fun of them.

    I always try to remember that the Bible teaches us that you never know when you may come upon an angel. “Angels Unawre.”
    Yes “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is something the world is swiftly leaving behind!!
    Thanks for this wonderful share,

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