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The Words . . .

December 13, 2007

The Words My mind dreams of days long gone silver locks fall into my eyes my belly hangs over my belt and yet I don’t mind so much anymore nobodyminds much anymore for all that’s important is the words and just as long as my fingers keep punching down on the plastic keys I don’t […]


November 29, 2007

Outcast i must keep quiet yet how can i for i know why . . . i know Ernest’s darkest day and the secret he carried all the way to his grave i can’t say aloud . . . you wouldn’t believe anyhow and yet you should know i want to cry out to run […]

I am thankful . . .

November 21, 2007

I am thankful I am thankful for the fishes that swim in the seas and for the lakes and for the streams I am thankful for the trees that keeps the blistering sun off our shoulders I am thankful for the wind that cools our faces on the coldest winter’s day I am thankful for […]

Sweet Southern Magnolia

November 18, 2007

Sweet Southern Magnolia And I started to wonder why . . . why sweet magnolia trees don’t grow in the frigid north are we deprived . . . it can’t be our lack of love can it . . . we love stray dogs heck . . . we love each other don’t we . […]

Puppy Dog Dreams

November 6, 2007

Puppy Dog Dreams We are the protectors of puppy dog dreams . . . with a wee cuteness he bounces into our lives his baby like likeness captures our hearts our socks become his toys a rag doll becomes his best friend while we are away . . . and our shoes become merely collateral […]

Our Friend Jim and the Mrs

November 4, 2007

Our Friend Jim and the Mrs Sometimes I could just scream we preach the golden rule we think everyone knows of such a thing and yet we just can’t see their pain . . . sometimes we can’t see past our slant sloped noses and then and then something happens something so big so wonderful […]

I Am Your Brother . . .

October 28, 2007

I Am Your Brother You don’t know me though I know you we are as different as we are alike we come from the earth the ying and the yang you know everyone like me I know those like you we share a bond . . . common as sickness sadness happiness friendship love hate […]

Together Again

October 3, 2007

Together, Again Today, I sit, trying to come up with something unique, my own, family tradition, one that circumvents time and space, to bring us together when we are apart. All, I can think of, is in the “Stars”. Today, I sit, under God’s bright lights, frozen, knowing, that my family and friends, somewhere, anytime, […]

Star Lake

September 24, 2007

Star Lake Walking upward, toward the sky, ever so slowly, I ascended the hill, below, lies the most beautiful vision I have ever gazed upon, a lake. It’s blue water glistening, sun rays transforming a hue of the bluest of blues, blending into the azure of the sky, broken only by the lime green of […]

Emotional Me . . .

September 21, 2007

Emotional Me A tear rolls down my cheek, they fog my eyes, keep me from seeing the good life has to offer, emotional me. I feel pain all around, makes me wonder, if I’m here to help others, to see, what sits before them, emotional me. I write with them in mind at least until […]